June 21, 2024

Hungry child? Tough luck. Your parents shouldn’t have had you.

Councillor Roger Taylor: family planning genius

‘Can’t Feed? Don’t Breed’

That’s the implicit message in all good family planning.

Its common sense.

Roger Taylor said ‘Can’t Feed? Don’t Breed’ because he didn’t think the Council who he is a member of, should be paying for meals for children in the school holiday period.

His policy position is consistent with the policy taken by the government and Councils historically.

But Taylor’s guidance to would be parents doesn’t quite seem to fit the situation does it?

The situation concerns parents who have already bred. Horses… bolting…

For the statement to be more appropriate to the situation Taylor should have said, ‘Can’t Feed. You Shouldn’t Have Bred.’

Perhaps the most honest message would have been something directed to children themselves?

‘Hungry child? Tough luck. Your parents shouldn’t have had you.’

But what would Taylor have said, if one of those hungry children had said back to him…

What if my parents could feed me at the point they bred?

What if I was conceived through an act of rape? It happens.

I know a man down the road who said he’d give me food and money for sex. I’m only thirteen but its tempting. What do you think I should do?

Would you be willing for your Council to feed me, in return for my parents receiving 50 strokes of a whip or perhaps a government loan?

At what point in my deprivations am I morally entitled, nay, obliged to do whatever is necessary to meet my basic needs?

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