June 19, 2024

Hosny Bronx is breathing a beautiful reggae tune your way

Hosny Bronx plies a classical form of spiritual reggae. I’m not a reggae afficionado, but the spiritual type is my favourite, so I’m taking an immediate liking to Hosny Bronx. He sings with a Caribbean accent, there’s reference to natty dread, babylon and Jah.

Bronx is working on a fifth album, and I’ve been sent a couple of tracks to listen to. They both sound good. Strong Life feels like the real deal. New Moment is also well rounded. However the chorus or motif of the track, ”The New Moment is Here. The New Moment is Now” feels like too many words squeezed too quickly into too short a space. In some ways it gives the track something special, but it takes a bit of getting used to.


The sound of Hosny Bronx is timeless. Reggae music was developed from the latest 60s onwards. If I were to have heard Strong Life or New Moment at one of those London free festivals, then an untrained ear like mine could well have imagined that it was listening to a piece of history, to something from the twelve disciples.

The two tracks Strong Life and New Moment sound great, soulful and warming, and I’d love to listen to the whole album.


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