June 18, 2024

‘Homesick’ by Sea Girls- An Album for a New Era


Indie rock band Sea Girls have opened their 2022 with new album ‘Homesick’ which is definitely a compilation for fresh starts. Each record on the album embodies the idea of enjoying life and new beginnings, with each song having such an upbeat tone and lyrics to support the notion that life needs to be lived to the full. This ideology reflects that of many people in recent times as the world has been through a pandemic leaving many people feeling suppressed and unable to make the most of life. The album reflects this mindset perfectly and tries to encompass the idea of making the most out of every opportunity that we now have. This is clearly evident in the track ‘Friends’ as it tries to encourage its listeners to go out there and enjoy themselves. A very poignant lyric from the song ‘I’m so heavy from the daily TV daydreams medicate me’ really drives this as it enables the song to particularly act like an anthem for younger generations to go out and find happiness in life rather than feeling caught up in the idea of what life should be through TV and social media. This is supported by the line ‘One second you’re not wasting is one you’ll never get back’. 

This song goes hand in hand with the track ‘Sick’ that follows it, which is about adult life becoming monotonous and boring with the lyric ‘I wish I was just a child, Mum and Dad can you make me smile’ showing that youth is something that shouldn’t be wasted or taken for granted. It also shows how you should make the most of carefree life before it becomes more restricted with the responsibilities that come along with life. This idea can also be applied to what has happened with the pandemic, as people became unable to live how they want and do what they want so they then realise how much they had taken their liberation for granted. 

Sea Girls latest video ‘Lonely’ starring JoJo Macari (Netflix’s Sex Education and The Irregulars)

This youthful freedom that younger generations often don’t acknowledge is further reflected in one of the more upbeat songs on the album ‘Someone’s Daughter’. The energetic sound of the song juxtaposes the lyrics on the track with the line ‘we become someone’s daughter, someone’s son.’ This line is particularly pertinent to the theme of unsrestraint of a younger age as it emulates how the magic of life you have as a child dissipates as you get older and you realise you are just one of many on earth, each trying to navigate their way through life. 

Throughout the reflective and nostalgic album that ‘Homesick’ is, many musical influences are laced within each track. This is clear to see in second track ‘Cute Guys’ during the bridge where similarities to the heavy sound of fellow British bands Royal Blood and Wolf Alice are clear to see. It demonstrates a strong sound from the band and gives the listener a glimpse at just how much the band have to offer. This energy is further demonstrated in the album with song ‘Paracetamol Blues’ which gives a mixture of rock and indie sound, comparable to 90’s indie band James coupled with the passionate intensity of Sam Fender’s music.

Each song on the London-originated band’s album shows how diverse and eclectic their sound is with the vitality thoughtfully intertwined within each track though not diverting from being relatable. Each song on the album hones in on experiences and feelings everyone has and particularly resonates with many after the pandemic that everyone has endured. ‘Homesick’ acts like a restart button for the listener to accept that we have lost time due to being stuck inside and not deter from the idea of living life to the full. It encourages the listener to go out and find joy once again and not waste the newfound liberation of many after so much time spent inside.


‘Homesick’ by Sea Girls is out now

Someone’s Daughter Someone’s Son
Sleeping With You
Paracetamol Blues
Again Again
Cute Guys

Sea Girl Tour Dates 2022:

May (UK Indie Record Store Shows)

Thurs 2nd Leeds Wardrobe (Crash Records)
Fri 3rd Manchester, Gorilla
Wed 4th Liverpool, Arts Club (Out Of Phase Records)
Thu 5th Preston, Blitz (Action Records)
Sat 7th Dundee, The Church (Assai Records)
Sun 8th Sheffield, Foundry (Bear Tree Records)
Tue 10th Bristol, The Fleece (Rough Trade)
Wed 11th Bournemouth, Old Fire Station (Vanilo Records)
Thu 12th Kingston, Pryzm (Banquet Records)
Fri 13th Oxford, O2 Academy (Truck Records)
Sun 15th Nottingham, Rough Trade (Rough Trade)
Mon 16th Newcastle, Boiler Shop

November (UK Headline ‘The Hometown Tour’)

Thu 17th Nottingham, Rock City
Fri 18th Birmingham, O2 Academy 1
Sat 19th Glasgow, O2 Academy
Tue 22nd Cardiff, University Great Hall
Wed 23rd Southampton, O2 Guildhall
Fri 25th London, Alexandra Palace
Sat 26th Manchester, O2 Victoria Warehouse

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