June 20, 2024

Grinchy Boris steals Christmas from Brits

Yesterday Boris Johnson decided to snatch Christmas from the hands of hard working freedom loving Brits.

In so doing he has decided to throw his lot in with the inhumane politics of the hard left.

Ironically, Johnson’s nanny-state approach to health when combined with his interest in the occultist world of science and medicine, has effectively deprived grandparents across England of their right to a festive kiss of death from their nearest and dearest.

This unexpected turn of events has been a cause of celebration for socialists and communists alike.

A source close to Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell claims that the two politicians have been celebrating the turn of events over a glass of sherry and mince pies at the home of the former Labour leader.

‘Who would have thought?’ said a source close to the militant left of the Labour party, ‘That Boris Johnson and chums have been pulling our leg for the last year? All this time they’ve been secretly advancing a Bolshevik agenda whilst pretending to be doing the bidding of a cabal of internationalist anti-patriot capitalists. Their play acting has been really convincing, especially the way they’ve herded an electorate coked up to the eyeballs on nationalism, racism and wilful ignorance, through a succession of referenda and elections.’

The facts of British exceptionalism remain unchanged

Johnson’s turn to 1930s style Stalinism can’t however stand against the facts.

Brexit remains a success.

As Health Secretary Matt Handoncock has pointed out, if it hadn’t been for Brexit, EU red tape would have stopped Britain from developing its own strain of coronavirus.

Not only that. Released from the burden of the overpaid bloated techno-bureaucracy of Brussels, Britain, now leaner and faster, has become a world leader in Covid deaths.

Sadly envy continues to rule supreme on the continent. Irked by the innovative British the European Union has reacted swiftly. It has cut flights, creating a new iron curtain, to stop EU citizens from experiencing the wonders of British creativity.

We can expect further retaliatory measures.

But here again the European Union will loose.

For whilst Britain is likely to find itself with time on its hands to study in great depth the contours of the European Union’s posterior, it will do so holding its head high, taking great pride in its exceptionalism, now singled out and at the back of the queue for the new vaccines.

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