April 18, 2024

Gleb Kolyadin’s album is progressive piano pop

Gleb Kolyadin spreads a thick luscious dollop of progressive piano pop on to your musical ryvita. Iamthemorning is pleasant listening, the kind of thing that you could work an Excel spreadsheet to, which is good news for Gleb because there is a big market for spreadsheeting music. The musical style is heavily influenced by Mike Oldfield and in that way it presents itself as something to listen to, or to look up at from a distance, but it is very distant. That’s why its good for spreadsheeting, it doesn’t get into your mind, it allows you to crunch numbers, to multi-task. There’s a kind of sad poetic lyric, a man shouting to himself in his sleep about something profound, about someone who means something, someone desired but again, distant, out of reach. In this way its quite Porcupine Tree, which will not mean anything to anyone but seasoned progressive rock enthusiasts. But those same enthusiasts will also be interested to know that Gavin Harrison and Theo Travis from Porcupine Tree contributed instrumentation to the album. And I mean ‘contributed instrumentation’. Whilst the album features the layering of lots of music each musician contributed their bit individually – this was not a jamming session, or if it was it was an unrealtime one. Parts of the album are quite jazzy. However just as I get the impression that I’m about to go on a jazzy train ride, a la Saint Germain, the whole thing gets highjacked from musicians from the Progressive Rockers Liberation Front. Golf they say, is a good walk spoiled, and sometimes I wonder if Kolyadin would do better just letting his piano playing speak for itself.

The album will be released 23rd February 2018.



Just one last thing, I am really noticing a trend in progressive rockers and poppers for eschewing the full-stop, grammar and spelling. You only have to consider Adore//Repelhappyness, sleepmakeswaves and now Iamthemorning to see what I’m talking about.


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