April 12, 2024

New Jersey

Perhaps there is no better way to celebrate the triumphant return of live music other than to spend one incredible evening with one of the best co headlining shows to dominate one stage for one epic show with both Danish rockers Volbeat and Sweden’s powerhouse phenomenon Ghost for one absolute mind blowing showcase not just the hits we have come to expect but the visual spectacle captivating great heavy rock at its finest degree.

While not knowing much about the opener called Twin Temple, and much of the venue still creating that buzz of waiting to see either Volbeat and or Ghost drive rock into a blaze of glory, they played an interesting set surrounding that satanic rock influenced show to get things rolling.

The stage was set for Danish rockers Volbeat to set the tone for a great headlining set packed with all the hits we come to expect plus a few new ones woven into their set to which they opened the show with Born to Raise Hell, going straight into Seal the Deal.

It’s no surprise for the likes of Volbeat who have come a long way since 2010 and that one song that sometimes that can stick in your head a warrior’s call which they left out of their blazing set but featured one of six new songs including shot gun blues.

Volbeat is quite entertaining with their energetic live show with that one two punch of nothing but heavy hard driving rock, for many of us that makes it such an enjoyable show within a limitless show.

I absolutely love this ideal with a co headliner, you not only get to see one band perform a full set but you also get two full on production sets with one incredible show truly putting the emphasis of rocks greatest moment with Ghost closing the show.

A quick change over and a curtain dropped down as the set change began to unfold, it became a mystery as to what Ghost would unveil this time around with the nameless ghouls sporting new masks while the main focus captivates papa emeritus in the spotlight.

With a fully packed venue, the lights went out the curtain dropped and Ghost took over Camden’s waterfront draped out with an all new dazzling stage show that absolutely out beats their tour of 2019 stage production.

As the show gotten under way, you could feel that burst of energy drifting from the stage right into the opening track from the band’s latest release Imperia with Kaisarion, you just knew this was going to be one of the best shows to kick off a new year with live music making a huge comeback for many of us who can’t live without seeing some of our beloved rock bands much like Ghost.

Within the entire set of Ghost certainly made Camden’s waterfront the center of attention pulling out memorable hits as well as songs propelling through the band’s catalog with a sprinkle of Mummy Dust thrown in for good measure which perhaps is one of the best and heaviest songs in their set.

Despite Ghost’s set list pretty much being just about the same with the exception of one or two new songs comprised from the new CD, what is new is the Masks, a whole new over the top full scale production, and two additional nameless Ghouls including a third guitarist and backing keyboardist, which has taken the experience of Ghost to another level of a visual spectacle.

While the nameless Ghouls remain a complete mystery as to who they are in reality, it’s a stunning show, packed with older songs like Square Hammer from early on and Dance Macabre that introduced us to this amazing outfit, and never leaving out Hunters Moon and or Faith but always satisfying all of us diehard fans with From The Pinnacle to The Pit.

A definite stellar show with 15 songs, complete with flames reaching the high heavens racing across the stage not to mention a one of a kind unique stage production that never gets old an absolute amazing show this time around and if you never seen Ghost or have any ideal who this band is, I highly suggest streaming one of their live shows as you will see nothing short of greatness.

Ghost played the Waterfront Pavilion in Camden, New Jersey, on the 12th February, 2022

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