July 15, 2024

Fudge – Last ever gig this Friday!! Leeds




“We honestly see this as the end of an era,” say the band. “On one hand it’s sad; on another it’s
exciting. We’ve done some amazing things with this band that we never thought we would achieve. The memories, the antics and the incredible gigs this band has produced will always hold a dear place in all of our hearts. We’ve not called it quits due to a fall out or anything like that, we simply believe that it’s time to start something new. This Friday will mark a full circle moment as we finish what we started in a venue we played for the first time nearly six years ago. We hope everyone gets the final blow out they need. Here’s to the past and here’s to the future.”

FUDGE, April 2023
“In a break with convention, in a carefree defenestration of the rule book, this press release is not a
press release; it’s a personal farewell to one of the greatest bands I’ve ever seen.
It began four and a half years ago at a 360 Club night at Leeds Lending Room. I was little more than a
casual observer, watching four bands for whom I didn’t have the greatest expectation. Then FUDGE.
played and the world changed.
They were staggering. A joyous, dangerous, sweaty mess who made it feel like anything was possible,
that a room of young people could make a difference. The joy brought tears to my eyes. The singer
looked as though he would just as easily break your arm as he would say hello. It felt like the first time I saw any of what would become my favourite bands.
In an act of bravery, I walked over to the merch desk afterwards and told the singer that was one of the
finest things I’d ever seen. His reaction was more than magnanimous, his gratitude heartwarming and
his handshake befitting of a young man towering at, I would hazard a guess, six foot six. The band must have talked afterwards and asked people in the room who I was and, although I never actually found out how, the band got my number and called a few days later. They invited me to a gig they were
playing at Wharf Chambers in Leeds, I arrived early, we talked for hours and, very quickly, we knew we were made for each other. And so began my journey with FUDGE.
A journey emblazoned with countless chaotic and life-affirming gigs – a colossal performance in the tiny Oporto In Leeds; an outrageously brilliant set at the Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds; a breathless night at the Wardrobe in Leeds to cement a place at the Leeds and Reading festivals when the dismay on the faces of the other bands at the end of the night, who knew they had no chance of winning, was almost painful; and further celebratory 360 Club nights in Leeds where the doors had to be locked to prevent more people getting in and breaching fire regulations. Always Leeds. Except Bingley. Bingley Festival on the day when the rain reached Biblical proportions, but the disciples danced and moshed and climbed on each other’s shoulders like it was their last day on earth and they were going to celebrate every damn moment of it.
But it was more than that. It was the meetings we had in my little office to discuss the next steps. The
meetings in the pub down the road that sold reasonably priced Guinness. The bear hugs. The laughter.
The joy. It was the text messages on Christmas morning. The undiluted friendship.
FUDGE. and the very small handful of bands as beautiful and belligerent as they are, are the reason I
start work before the milkman begins his round and the reason why I finish as the pubs are kicking out.
Angus, Cam, Otto and Hugh – of course Hugh – thank you. It breaks my heart that FUDGE. will be no
more but, just like you, I’m excited for the future. I have no doubts that it will be spectacular. I have no
doubts that it will be emotional. I can’t wait. I salute you. I love you x”

Ian Cheek, April 2023

“Absolutely on fire; the wildest, most on-point guitar band I’ve seen since IDLES …” TOM ROBINSON | BBC
“It’s dangerous, and it’s a long time since I’ve heard anything close to that; the last time a band left me
feeling ready to start a revolution was a lifetime ago. You need to go see Fudge play; you must go see
“This is indie rock gone rogue; something in their generic formula went awfully wrong in the most brilliant
way to create this monster …” YORKSHIRE POST
“Stood atop the beer-soaked bar, arms outstretched like Christ the Redeemer in an Adidas track jacket,
Fudge’s Cam begins their headline set by diving into the crowd and clambering onstage, middle fingers
held proudly in the air; in terms of chaos and energy, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Like witnessing a
hand-grenade being detonated in a bin …” NOUSE MAGAZINE
“This is going to make your head explode …” ALAN RAW | BBC INTRODUCING WEST YORKSHIRE
“Unhinged seems to be what Fudge. do best, their laddish charm and punk rock attitude instigating the
chaos they need for them to feel content. This is indie-rock gone rogue; something in their generic formula
went awfully wrong in the most brilliant way to create this monster …” YORKSHIRE POST
“They’re boisterous boys; they’re extremely good at what they do; their live performances are electric.
You’ve got to see them …” ALAN RAW | BBC INTRODUCING
“It feels like a chaotic IDLES performance, except this was probably far less orchestrated, with a stunning
tweaked version of Rage Against the Machine’s Testify to end it all. It shows a certain degree of balls to
cover that mammoth tune …” YORK CALLING
“It’s first-rate excellent; something that would detonate a room with commotion and leave dramatic
impact once it ended …” DARKUS MAGAZINE

FUDGE. | NOT A THREAT JUST A WARNING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZFGAVKhUjo

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