July 14, 2024

First they came for our dramas, now the Danes are coming for our indie

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First they came for our dramas and now they’re coming for our indie. The Danes are throwing a few decent indie bands our way this year. Lød are due to release a phenomenal EP on June 30th, a cross between Joy Division and Stereolab, with some weird Warp Records ante-music inserted half-way through. That husky, spitting Danish language seems a perfect fit to the staccato Joy Division sound and makes you think that Ian Curtis should have made a concept album in Scandinavian. But anyway, I digress.

I meant to pen a little eulogy to Masasolo, who in Idaho have put together a heart warming and psychedelic little pop number. With distorted vocals it does sound a little like MGMT, and yet its not as polished and melodically beautiful. Its more jammy, itinerant, a bit acid jazz, a bit indie twang. In fact it really reminds me of Atomic Swing. Listen to it here.

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