July 16, 2024

Deltino Guerreiro – Eparaka


This isn’t going to win any awards for sonic innovation – it’s a pop album with an African twist. Pure, light as air and sweet as cane sugar, it has been a pleasure to live with. Deltino is from Mozambique, sings in Portugese and has an expressive and light voice. His band feature that light and lovely African guitar style, mixed rhythms with a Latin / African fusion allied to soul / R&B-influenced melodies. It’s a confection as light and crunchy as a good meringue.

His debut, this covers the bases from semi-crooned love songs to dance-steppers and is a reminder of the universality of good music – I don’t care what the words are, I get it all from the band, inflection and expression. Jazzy moments are as likely as jit-jive and my feet tap, head nods, and I picture a sunny breezy day.

Nice stuff to widen your sonic pleasure with.

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