July 19, 2024

DAVID NANCE GROUP – Peaced and Slightly Pulverized

TROUBLE IN MIND RECORDS        5th October 2018

Artfully artless garage rock. Gleefully shambolic and stumbling. Jammed out and howling rock and roll. Reader, I liked it.

Fusing the raw rock and roll power of The Jim Jones Experience on some tracks with the jammed-out plod of Crazy Horse on others and, on a blessed few, fusing the two. Raw garage rock is hard to get right – it needs talent to let the barriers of perfection down and the holy light of the rock and roll spirit in. David Nance seems to have that knack.

I’ve never heard of David Nance or his four-piece band but I’ll be looking his other albums out. Peaced and Slightly Pulverized, as a title, will do nicely. Sometimes a bit laid back, other times shouting in your face, the result is a mess of squally guitar and stretched out jams. Something circular is at work in his guitar solos on the longer tracks, winding round and higher and higher in intensity, despite the slow burn of tracks like the minor-chord Amethyst. It is full of soul and rock and roll prayer of the purest sort, funnelling the wailing unsteady groove of Crazy Horse, organic and unreeling from deep inside the band into something that can barely be stopped. Garage group-mind at its best.

This is a band I really want to hear live. I can picture the audience, jaws dropping and grinning at the same time. Long live rock and roll.

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