July 23, 2024

Clinchy Royal is closer to his dreams on “U Don Know” album

Nairobi MC Clinchy Royal has come true on his early promise with this confident and unapologetic album,it might be amongst the best rap records East Africa has seen during the year so far.

Clinchy is a great lyricist and has a lot of genius moments, the album ” U Don Know”  is packed with strong delivery of emotions, Thoughtful/heartfelt themes and Good meta communication and organization. All the while he  surrounds it with an enriching musical substance with which to take all of these strengths to a new level.

He is multilingual throughout the album combining both Kiswahili and English rhymes with equal prowess. Clinchy wastes no time on U Don Know. In the opening song “intro” he sets the tone. Some of the themes in the album opener ‘U don Know’ include depression, growing up as an orphan but most importantly defying circumstances, so if the album cover wasn’t a hint enough, ‘U Don Know’ firmly establishes the work as a dark and challenging hip hop album.

He never ceases to show off with incredible cohesion, wordplay and lyricism on this Project. The production is nice and mellow on tracks like ‘My way’ and ‘Closer’ all couped up with his magnificent story telling ability.

Fearless and incisive, Clinchy’s  reportage-style tracks sketch out repression and police brutality in the city of Nairobi, resulting in a landmark record. At 24 years old, Clinchy – has just released one of the most thoughtful, moving and necessary albums in the city so far.


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