April 24, 2024

Cambridge Co-op are 100% committed to fresh British meat

That’s a bit odd right?

You’d expect the meat to be fresh.

But really, what does the sign mean?

The ‘100%’ implies that Co-op don’t stock meat from other countries.

But look! There’s some small print!

The insertion of the small print seems to be a sheepish attempt to point out that Co-op also purchases meat from other countries.

It says:

100% of our fresh British meat refers to all Co-op own brand fresh British meat.

But the sign doesn’t say ‘our fresh British meat’.

If it did it, and taken together with what the small print appears to be trying to say, it would real like so:

We’re 100% committed to ensuring that our Co-op own brand fresh British meat is fresh British meat.

Which is like saying:

We’re not lying: when we say our own brand fresh British meat is fresh British meat – it really is.


Heh you! We stock British meat!

The sign though isn’t really saying any of these things, its saying:

We’re 100% committed to fresh British meat.


But why say any of this?

Who goes into a supermarket determined only to buy British?

Who only buys from shops who are 100% committed to British meat?

Is British meat better than meat from other countries?

Brexit! Brexit!


Does Co-op’s commitment to British produce extend to other products?

Why only British meat?


How committed to British products are they?

How far would they go in their commitment to British products?

Would they drive their own company into receivership if that’s what it required?


Or is it just the fresh that they are committed to?

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