May 26, 2024

Buvette’s old school electronic thesaurus will sustain you through the rest of the winter


Elasticity is not a bad name for Buvette’s latest release.

The El in the title hint at the fact that its old school Electronic.

I’m talking 1980s in the main, alot of the tracks, especially the ones at the beginning are rooted in the cold steel that used to roll off the production lines in Sheffield.

Having said that there are contemporary flourishes scattered throughout.

But whilst the album is clearly electronic, it is also rich and varied, elastic you know.

The important thing about this album, is that its Buvette’s sound, and Buvette’s sound is groovy, a very slow paced groovy I might add. Elasticity is not a pale imitation, it might evoke some kind of nostalgia by connecting with vague recollections of songs and sounds from the distant past, but its not one of those albums which make you want to go and check out a particular classic. Second track on the album ‘Staring At the City’ is a good example – its really good – and I can’t think of anything that it really reminds me of.

There’s so much going on in this album, which makes it the perfect friend for anyone suffering new year’s anomie. There’s so much to explore, digest, redigest and discover.

Its the ideal food for anyone with several musical stomaches – for anyone into moosic (ha ha, moosic! sic? sick? sick joke).

Listen to the album here:

Buvette are appearing at the Eurosonic Festival.

They’ll be appearing at De Etage, at 8.45pm on the 11th January and De Spieghel Up, at 8pm on the 12th.

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