July 23, 2024

Brexit getting you down? Michael Franti has a message!

Depressed by miserable xenophobes rising up en masse?

Depressed by stories of Romanian and Polish school children reading messages daubed on the school walls for them to go back home?

Muslim women in supermarkets being railed at by Essex skinheads?

Depressed by veiled incitements to and threats of terrorism by Nigel Farage?

Peter Hitchens choking on his joy?

Tear in your mind’s eye?

EU migrant no longer feeling loved?

Michael Franti wrote We Are All Earthlings for you.

We are all earthlings
And we share the air we breathe
We’re all made from Heaven’s seeds
And we are all earthlings

And I love this life we live
And I love to give this feeling away
I love this life we live
And I’m gonna give it all away
So shine your light until the break o’ dawn
And shine your light if you’re all alone
And shine your light until the early morn’
Let it shine on and on and on and on and on.


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