May 26, 2024

Bebel Gilberto’s gentle tribute to her Bossa-father, João

Twenty years ago I came across the work of Bebel Gilberto, the daughter João Gilberto, one of Bossanova’s founding fathers.

In 2002 Bebel released Tanto Tiempo, a soft melancholic blend.

Not too bad, cafe music in the main. It contained one bossa-earworm, August Day Songs, wistful resentment musiconified.

Twenty years I have a download of Bebel’s latest release, João, a tribute to her father, one of Bossa’s founders, who died three years ago.

On the album Bebel covers, for the first time in her career, many of her father’s songs.

Musically the album João is similar to Tanto Tiempo. In particular João is sung tenderly. Soft, very soft, with the feel of a fatherly embrace. There’s an introspective, dream-likea aura – as you might expect in an ode to a deceased padre.

New listening for soporific afternoons.

It will be released August 25th 2023.

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