June 21, 2024

Blondes, Green Door Store, Brighton

Recently I got the opportunity to see upcoming band Blondes perform at the Green Door Store in Brighton and after previously interviewing them, was intrigued to see what they were like live and by far they did not disappoint. Despite having each band member on an instrument of some sort, it did not feel excessive in any way; each member added their own flair to the set and really performed their string of songs excellently. The band exuded something that many successful bands possess and that is the differing of personalities. There was a glimpse of personalities showing through from their performance, which is something that is promising for a band set to make such waves within the music industry, as it suggests that there is a lot more that they have to offer.

When many bands start out, it is often very common to not have much of a performance or a display of character come across, though this was something that definitely wasn’t the case for Blondes. It was clear to see and feel an energy from the crowd watching the band make their way through their set, which was particularly as a result of the energy the band members shared between each other. As someone in the audience, you could see they enjoyed performing and their contentment emanated onto everyone in the crowd. Adding to this was lead singer Will Potter, who gathered up a reaction from the audience continuously by involving them in the songs. The energy the band had managed to collectively build up within the venue was apparent because despite them having such a well-known song that went viral on TikTok (‘Coming of Age’), if you were unaware of this it would have been hard to differentiate it between their other tracks, in terms of audience reaction. This really demonstrated how well they controlled the audience, particularly for a fresh band, as they got equal reaction across the whole set.

After watching Blondes set it is clear to see that the ‘euphoric indie pop’ band (their description when asked what genre of music they would place themselves in) are destined to continue to build their fan-base and grow as artists, as the more they perform to different audiences, the more we are going to see of each of their personalities and the wider their music is going to become known. The way they executed their numerous songs outshone their studio versions and Potter’s live vocals were incredibly strong which did their songs justice. It was apparent that the band were unafraid to take risks with their set and it definitely paid off as it demonstrated just how strong they can be. The music that they are producing is able to compete with artists similar to themselves therefore coupled with the enthusiasm Blondes have for their music and wish to portray as well as share with their fans, they will undoubtedly be soon thought of as well-known figures of the indie pop genre.

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