June 18, 2024

Bee Bee Sea – “Day Ripper” – pulsing with garage rock and pop intensity

WILD HONEY RECORDS 9th October, 2020

At the outset I’m reminded of the crazed askew pop of Leeds’ finest – Cowtown. Similarly a trio and also from a famed place, Lombardy, though nowhere could quite be a match for the LS6 region of Leeds. By the third song I’m picking up tiny hints of the Beach Boys, buried in the guitar, bass and drums fun. By the tenth I’m drained from sheer intensity of energy. Ultimately garage-simple in sound, the tunes are sharply delineated and drilled into three-minute bursts of sweet and salty pleasure. Artfully basic in instrumentation but not lacking in construction, the drive of the music is insane and energy levels are somewhere past the two coffees, a Mars Bar and a bag of popping candy level. There is nowhere to pause, no respite till, the album done, you drop sweaty and exhausted, only to do it all over again.

The mad invention of a first album is here, alongside the construction skills of a third album. The combo is madly exciting. The excitement of early punk is there, the swirly psychedelic pop games of more recent bands too and a splash of something of their own. Tunes start, shift gear, drop suddenly into a different pace, then ramp it back up again without a moment’s rest.

The band work by jamming and riffing and chasing the sound before nailing lyrics on and it shows in the focus on the beaty pulsing pressure. “There’s no big market for this type of music here,” says Wilson Wilson, the vocalist and guitarist. “There are only a few rock & roll bands in Italy. But we want to show that even if you come from a place where nobody cares about music, and there are no other bands playing or shows to see, you can still make good music. The passion that music gives, the drive to do something good – everyone can have it.”

Passionate, more than slightly bonkers, unstoppable, full of catchy hooks and unable to drop below 100 miles an hour, this garage band version of ‘Speed’ will leave you broken, in the best possible way (and ready to do it all over again……).

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