June 21, 2024

Australian Singer-songwriter Béla Takes Chase reveals new song ‘Radiate’

bela takes chase

How do you find the middle ground between acoustic singer-songwriter and electro pop?  If you’re Bela Takes Chase, you just meld the two worlds from the center of your core being- Indie Shuffle

Bela Takes Chase writes songs that are simple, slightly repetitive and decidedly hypnotic.

Originating from Newcastle, AustraliaBela Takes Chase moved to London specifically to follow her creative path, and has been building up a great UK underground following ever since.

Having grown up next door to Silverchair’s Daniel Johns, Bela has been exposed to quality music and musicianship from an early age.  Focusing on song-writing and live performance, Bela has already gained a strong following on social media.

Bela’s powerful yet fragile voice is a mix between Emiliana Torrini, Sia Furler and Martina Topley-Bird. It is soft yet immense, and the upcoming new single Radiate demonstrates this impeccably.

A soulful and promising introduction to Bela Takes ChaseRadiate will be available for sale and download February 9th.





Béla Takes Chase – Radiate

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