April 24, 2024

Augustines Interview


Augustines take their tour to the UK this spring to promote new self-titled album ‘Augustines’. We caught up with drummer Rob Allen to get a little insight into the tour and also how it feels for him to be back in the UK.

How’s the tour going so far? What has the reception been like?

The tour has been wonderful so far. The crowds in the UK are always up for it and the reception has been fantastic. We always look forward to the UK/Europe tours and so far we are having a blast.

This tour is promoting your new self-titled album ‘Augustines’. Can you tell us a bit about the record?

It was recorded at Tarquin studios in Bridgeport CT, which is owned by Peter Katis who co-produced the record with us. Basically, it’s a hopeful record that shows us moving on from the rise period and asking the question “what now?” “Where do we go from here”? Recording this record was special for me because I wasn’t on RISE. I toured the record but didn’t play on it so to finally record and collaborate with the boys was a great feeling.

‘Rise Ye Sunken Ships’ received really high critical acclaim and was a very emotional record; did you feel any pressure for the new album to live up to this?

There is always pressure. It’s never easy following up on your debut record. We just knew we had to work hard and dedicate every second to this record and just be creative and make music that we connect to.

You have a good following in the UK. How much does it mean to you being internationally recognised?

It’s a massive achievement. The fact is we wouldn’t be in this position if it weren’t for folks going out, buying our records and show tickets and supporting us. The fact that we get to play our music in many different cities around the world is just amazing and heart warming.

What’s your favourite thing about touring the UK?

I get to stock up on all my favorite foods I miss! I’ve lived in the states for many years now, so coming back and having a Sunday roast just does it for me. I get my fix.

You look set for a busy year. Does it ever get too much for you, being on the road for so long?

It can be tough. It’s not as glamorous as people think and requires a lot of hard work. You don’t get to see your families and friends as much as you’d like and we all know keeping healthy on the road is a challenge. I also don’t think this life is for everyone and the truth is, the good out ways the bad massively…..but, we love what we do and are thankful we get to do this everyday.

On your albums there are so many atmospheric tracks that sound amazing live. What I want to ask you guys is, what is your favourite track to play live?

All of them…can I say that? It’s the truth.

You have quite a big sound for a three-piece. Is this hard to project in live performances?

We’ve spent a lot of time and thought in making sure you hear the record and more. We are proud of our live show.

Will we be seeing you at any festivals this year? 

Yes you will. And we can’t wait! Check out our website and socials for more details.


Augustines – ‘Nothing To Lose But Your Head’

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