July 14, 2024

Another nice little retake on the 1980s from the London stable

“Its who you are, not who you say you are”

Hmmm… we’d all like to think that were true but we know its not, and yet I can stand lead singer Greg Sanderson repeating derivatives of this line to me ad nauseum in Bee, the first of Cocoa Future’s 4 track EP, because he sings them so sweetly.

The music in Bee is funky and intense, its completely 1980s. Its rich, like a really good Muesli, which is funny because I had to do a double take when I first saw Greg – he looked a little bit like both of the owners of the Cereal Killer cafe in Shoreditch.

For the last ten years London, and East London in particular, has been in love with rehashing the 1980s. And in the main they’ve done a bloody good job of it.

Coca Future’s 4 track EP is another nice little retake on that decade.

Bee is feel good in a Thompson Twins way, with an ending lyric that is soft to the point of embarrassing to anyone with an ego.

The second track, The Blue, is a slow paced funk, it takes me back to when I used to record music on the old tape recorder in 1984. I’m thinking a hungover Prince.

I’m thinking Talking Heads and a little bit of Level 42.

The rest, well, here’s the last track The Grey – I’m picking up Lloyd Cole’s ‘Brand New Friends’.

I love Cocoa Futures, there are 80s influences all the way through, but their sound still feels fresh.

They’re playing the Sebright Arms in London E2, on December 3rd.



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