April 23, 2024

Animal House at Gullivers in Manchester

Saturday night saw the Aussie Garage Rock band, Animal House grace the stage, after releasing their album Premium Mediocre back in November last year. They’re kicking off a 10 date tour across the UK, then heading back out again in April and May across Europe.

Their setlist comprised of 16 songs, old and new, starting off with the guys swaggering onto the stage wearing outdated golden shirts while Spandau Ballet blasted from the speakers! They gave off some pretty good Kings of Leon vibes during their set and looked as though they were having a great time just being there in general, they had a laugh with the crowd then followed on into some of their tracks such as Modern Love which is a wonderful song about the world of Tinder.

 “Why does everyone on Tinder go to Machu Picchu, why does everyone on Tinder look the same as I do” truthful lyrics that are easy to remember, paired with a decent backing track to tap your feet to! The same can be said for the rest of their set last night.

A satisfying night of indie rock flowing through the speakers! Support act Kiwi Jr. displayed a great 30 minute set last night, with tracks that could quite easily be singles.

Catchy tunes such as Murder in The Cathedral and Wicked Witches with sweet uptempo riffs and nostalgic college rock persona thrown in, the vocal harmonies demonstrated on stage had the crowd swaying.

There is a hell of a lot of potential for this 4 piece band from Toronto! Their debut album Football Money is concrete from start to finish and these days it can be difficult to judge until you’ve seen a band preform live, let me tell you they have got it covered, the set was tight the whole way through.

The instrumentals were quirky and enjoyable, the lyrics were playful and the lads in general were polite. So keep your eyes peeled for their music and any gigs they have coming up.

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