May 20, 2024

Ana Moura, what a singer, what a voice

In the Iberian Peninsula, some women have a beautifully gravelly, chalky voice, deep voice. I don’t think you find such voices in women in the UK, though I may be wrong.

Ana Moura has one such voice. She sings the native Portuguese folk style ‘fado’ a style dedicated to melancholy. She has one of the most incredible voices I’ve heard.

To the uninitiated, and I include myself in this category, it sounds gypsy like; flamenco almost.

Fado, is, as I said, traditionally sad. But some of Moura’s songs, including the one that got me hooked, Dia De Folga, bubble with enthusiasm and life.

Its made me want to look through Ana Moura’s back catalogue – join me.

Her first album is Guarda-me A Vida Na Mão. 2003.

Its samey – its like ‘fado’ carpet. Nice enough introduction to the genre, nice kind of thing to wander into on a summer’s day in Lisbon.

The second album Aconteceu was released a year later. Immediately I am struck by the music having more shape. The guitar playing is more defined and melodic, the voice is bought out more, crystal and clean. Its probably sounds less traditional, and veers towards soft melancholic pop with a fado influence.

The third album Para Além da Saudade was released three years later.

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