July 16, 2024

Albert Hammond Jr has recently started to develop his own music and it’s a good shout


Albert Hammond Jr’s artistic work flows through his new material called Momentary Masters to be released in July 2015. The LA lead guitarist attended a Swiss boarding school during his younger days where he met the future Strokes singer Julian Casablancas (an absolute gem) and later attended New York University’s film school during the 90’s. Once he finished, he made his way down the musical pathway starting with the creation and development of the truly unique band , The Strokes. Along with producing music for The Strokes, Albert Hammond Jr has recently started to develop his own music and it is a good shout.

The fascinating album which follows his oh-so-famous ‘Yours to Keep’  which was released in 2006 stars Hammond Jr’s ‘Born Slippy’ track which, along with the rest of the album really conveys his LA, indie/Rock style. This album is for those who love the Monkeys, Vaccines and, you probably guessed it, The Strokes.

Through his songs ‘Power hungry’ and ‘Caught by my shadow’, Alberts hunger for the completion of this album is shown through quite powerfully along with his curiosity for the world around him. Albert Hammond Jr describes his new album as a “record about finding a new curiosity in life as a result of the loss of innocence that knowledge and time create”.

Fans loyal to The Strokes can’t turn away at the sheer brilliance created by their very own whose style is so very similar to our Arctic Monkeys in terms of rock, indie and not giving a flying fishstick.

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