May 30, 2024

Accessorising in Stansted Airport


Accessorize, Stansted Airport, August 2018

A girl spends five minutes looking at the same scarf in accessorise in Stansted Airport. She’s diminutive, 5ft 5, wearing tight fitting blue jeans which show the slimness of her legs and a punchy black jumper. She has blonder brown bleached highlighted hair. She wears a red pink scarf which is very long. It is unnecessary in a warm airport but she has already accessorised and she wants more. She looks attentively with speed. She checks, she is on a mission. She feels and selects black boots under the knee. She has a certain degree of airport chic. It takes me a while to tap this into my phone. I’m sitting in an airport cafe sleep deprived and drunk and yet when I look up expecting her to have vanished causing me to bring into question the accuracy of everything I have jotted down she is still there & has moved a metre a way from.

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