May 20, 2024

A post-election playlist

Britain has voted. We have a new government. The adrenaline of the last few weeks of is slowly ebbing out. I’m drinking coffee, I’m cleaning the bathtub and the oven, I keep writing in my head, but when I sit down the words retreat to the back of my mind.

There are things I’ll remember from this election, snap-shots that will stay with me such as Vince Cable’s slumped shoulders as the results were read out. The shock and sadness of this election will stay with me, just as I can still recall Nick Clegg’s triumphant face in 2010.

And now everyone’s re-grouping, re-thinking, re-planning their PR strategy. Tom Watson wants to be the next Labour leader. Theresa May wants phone companies and internet service providers to keep records of what we get up to online. Scotland’s SNP has 56 MPs. Some tories want to leave the EU. The pound is stronger than ever, house prices in London are going up, anti-austerity protestors are taking to the streets.

We will have more of the same. We will have something completely different.

The words are stuck, so here are a couple of tunes. The first song was stuck in my mind this morning. Please ignore the swearing, Jarvis is amazing.




Two good pieces for those who want to know more:

– Paul Mason at Channel 4 on why Labour failed.
– A baffled American’s take on the election.

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