Max Restaino – boring and disappointing

Kirsty Zaharia October 26, 2016 1



Max Restaino supported Rebecca Ferguson at Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall. “Good evening everyone how are we all doing tonight?” he asked. The crowd weren’t loud enough so he asked again. Very smarmy for an unknown if you ask me. He was nowhere near as polite as Chelsea Alice Scott, the singer before, and also nowhere near as good.  His first song ‘Give Me All Your Loving’ was from his album ‘Ace’. He seemed very old fashioned and dated like an 80s band, but a not very good 80s band. His clothes and hair needed total restyling. His music sounded repetitive and his dance moves too. He showcased a lot of musical instruments, which was better than listening to him sing. After playing saxophone and dancing he found himself out of breath and couldn’t sing his lines properly. The last song could be downloaded for free by sending a text to a number he gave out. The audience seemed bored and disappointed.

Max Restaino supported Rebecca Ferguson at Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall, on the 25th October 2016




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  1. Someone who knows talent when I see it & heR it!! March 20, 2018 at 1:25 am - Reply

    Have you tried singing, dancing & playing sax all at the same time…No, didn’t think so! Trust me, you’d be out of breath too!!! And the one thing this artist is, is NOT boring!! Who else plays all those instruments, dances & sings! What more do you want from one person? So, so ignorant!

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