May 28, 2022

South London college label OutBr3ak Records launch Kickstarter fund for London gig

The launch of OutBr3ak Records brings a whole new feel and diversity to the musical world and will be a big inspiration for many young students from South London who wish to follow their dreams. The aim of our label is to give young artists from all backgrounds a chance to promote themselves and achieve their goals as musicians.


Currently on the OutBr3ak Records roster we have 8 talented artists covering a wide range of genres.


The genres range from Rock, Metal, Drum & Bass, Rap, Pop, Folk, Orchestral and Soul each having their own style and uniqueness. Our record label is a very eclectic mix of styles from young talented college students with serious ambition and skill.



Our record label is one of the first to be started by young adults ranging from 17 to 21 years of age. Established in 2014, we have developed rapidly and are now moving towards our label launch at Fairfield Halls on June 19th.

We are currently in the process of raising funds to support our launch show at Fairfield Halls on the 19th June 2015. We are using Kickstarter as the outlet to where people can pledge money towards helping with the funds for our label launch. If you pledge more than £3 pounds you will receive a free copy of our debut album from Outbr3ak Records artists.

Outbr3ak Records provides a positive environment for young artist of any genre to express themselves, so they do not fall into the category of the stereotypical teenager. Our goal is to receive at least £350 and any further pledges would be greatly appreciated. We would really like the community to be involved in our project so we can show what the younger generation is really made of.

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