Regular Fries, Sheffield University Union

Harry Owen November 17, 2000 0

Regular Fries
@ Sheffield University Union
17th November 2000

Incongruous in the extreme. That is, the strange mis-match of staging Big Beat stalwarts Regular Fries at the indie-angst Fuzz Club. I doubt the 16-19 year-old majority of Slip-Knot and Marilyn Manson sweat-shirted crowd had any interest in the fact that Regular Fries were at Sheffield Uni. on the back of storming sets at Bugged Out and The Beat Beat Boutique. After all, navel-gazing dancers who hate their parents on a kind of Kevin Perry level probably wouldn’t give a toss that the Friesters regular drop beats with the likes of James Lavelle and The Lo-Fidelity All Stars. This was much apparent tonight as half of the ‘crowd’ angsted it out in the Fusion room while the band played in a half empty Foundry. Little wonder Regular Fries lead singer looked like a forlorn, wasted Shaun Ryder going through cold turkey. Although saying this, the band were more indie than Big Beat – and more dead than alive.


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