New York – London, Daniella Zalcman, 2013

Vanguard Online October 1, 2013 0

Late 2012 Daniella Zalcman moved from New York to London. Daniella says of New York and London, “They’re both places I adore, and (in my opinion) they’re two of the most photogenic cities in the world. So I collected 30 days of iPhone images in the month before I left NYC in the hopes that I could create New York + London double exposures with images taken in my first month here… Each pair of images is selected based on negative space, color, and contrast. Together, they create imaginary landscapes, like the ones we form when we think of home.”

newyorklondon01  newyorklondon02

newyorklondon03  newyorklondon04

newyorklondon05  newyorklondon06

newyorklondon07  newyorklondon08

newyorklondon09  newyorklondon10

newyorklondon11  newyorklondon12








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