July 3, 2022

Explore Brixton’s social history through interactive theatre this autumn

Interactive theatre anyone? Yes please!

The Midnight Run will take place in Brixton on Saturday 23 September and Saturday 7 October 6pm until 12am.

The dusk to dawn interactive event takes strangers and local artists on a walking tour through urban spaces.

Established in 2005 The Midnight Run was created by Inua EllamsInua Ellams was born in Nigeria in 1984 he is an international touring poet, playwright, performer, graphic artist & designer.

The Midnight Run provides a platform for established and emerging artists to come together in a range of creative activities including life-drawing, choral singing, puppetry, wrestling, cocktail making and tai chi, all whilst exploring a city.

It will give audiences a chance to discuss and explore the history of Brixton.

Inua Ellams will lead with exercises to help audiences process some of the thought provoking historical information on offer; Kelly Foster, a certified London tour guide and Brixton Historian, will explore and discuss some of the political and social aspects of Brixton – from the Windrush Generation, to world leaders visiting the area, to the riots in the 1980’s and the Scarman Report and changes that the area has seen over the past 50 years. There will be site specific workshops and other artists taking part.

The Brixton Midnight Run – departs from Black Cultural Archive Saturday 23 September and Saturday 7 October from 6pm until midnight

Tickets can be purchased via the website: http://www.themnr.com/events/

What is the MNR? from Inua Ellams on Vimeo.