Did God just send a message to the American people?

Vanguard Online November 1, 2020 0
Earlier on today God possessed a basketball to provide the American people with a message.

Did God just send a message to the American people?

That’s the question America is asking itself after seeing what appeared to be a miracle yesterday.

The miracle occurred when former President of the United States, Barack Obama, took a walk through the gymnasium at the old Flint Northwestern High School in Michigan.

Film footage appeared to show the ex-President take a basketball thrown to him in jest, and then cursorily score a hoop from an extraordinary position.

The shot was sufficiently implausible to cause some to question whether God had secretly taken possession of the ball moments before Obama shot it.

It is not unknown for God to make sporting interventions. In 1986 the English were punished by the ‘hand of God’ in a World Cup match having fought an unholy war against the Argentinians.

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