Want to know why Stereolab think their latest album is crap? Then read on and find out in this excellent interview with Tim Gane and Lataetia Sadier. Only Vanguard Online could get you this…

Vanguard Online: Which authors/authoresses have left the most indelible mark on the way you think and why?

Lataetia: Unfortunately we don't read as much as we would like to. There is an author however which has marked the way I think. He is called Cornelius Castoriadis and he belonged to the Parti Communiste Francais until the early 40s when he realised what Stalinism meant and went onto create 'Socialisme ou Barbarie' which worked as a foundation to Situationism.

Vanguard Online: Has having a child put you off having sex?

Lataetia: Having a child is a natural thing to do which in our case hasn't deranged any of our natural functions. It hasnt changed us but more enhanced us as living beings.

Vanguard Online: What do you think of the present education system as a suitable vehicle through which your child could develop an understanding of the world?

Lataetia:Unfortunately we don't see the education system as a suitable thing for anything in life apart from regression, we know Alex will ave to go to school some day and it will be great for him to have friends, but I wish he didn't have to go through this incongruous system that basically teaches you enough to "fit the mould" but not enough to be your own free thinking, forward looking individual.

Vanguard Online: Where did you go on your hols this year?

Lataetia: We never really stop gigging and recording. On our holidays to France this Summer we did take a guitar and the 4 track along down the sunny west coast roads.

Vanguard Online: A friend once told me that in an interview you said that sometimes you has to release stuff you didn't always like. Is this true and if so, is Aluminium Times one such example?

Tim: Yes, sometimes we release music which we no longer [if ever!] like. Usually, this is for our 'archival' music or or completion purposes [we make a point of not leaving anything off our compilation LPs because the point is to make 'hard to find/impossible to find' material easily and commly avaliable]. This obviously includes some music which makes me cringe of stuff which was simply an unsuccesful experiment. So... getting to the point… yes 'Aluminium Tunes' does include some music which is not the greatest stuff, but all is made available for people to make up their own minds. Inevitable it always makes my groan when people say "Its much better than your last LP".

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