Mayors of Miyazaki

Mayors of Miyazaki are a north London math-punk trio who are about to release their second album, Holy Cop. I had never heard of them until I received this album but one of my friends has been raving about them for a while so I reckon it was about time I gave them a go.

Opening track, Souvenir, bursts open with punchy boy-girl dual vocals that continue throughout the album and make their sound strangely endearing. I am not a massive fan of math rock, so thought I would dislike this band but it turns out when you combine the rather pretentious sound that is math rock with the riotous and fun sound of punk it works!

The vocal arrangement isn’t for everyone – upon first listen it can come across as a tad shouty, but it works if you give it a chance. I reckon they’d be pretty awesome to see live.

Becci Crowther