David Bronson

After a number of years of writing, producing and recording, David Bronson has finished a 22 song cycle, broken into 2 albums – collectively called The Long Lost Story. This is the first part of that.

This is an introspective record – the lyrics thoughtful and reflective. Bronson is a story teller. The story may be sad – the breakdown of a relationship – but that certainly is not reflected in the nature of the music or the sound he has created – just the vocals.

Bronson’s sound is almost psychedelic new age folk pop – the track If is a perfect example of this. The sound is largely experimental but it is an experiment that has worked. The listener is drawn into each track – whether it is by the reflective vocals, the blues rock guitar, or the harmonies – each track has a different allure.

It takes a couple of listens to fully appreciate Bronson’s work. But those extra listens are definitely worth it.

Becci Crowther