John The Conqueror

The sound of hard blues, rocking and hollering. John The Conqueror are a trio playing powerful blues with a soulful edge. Currently based in Philadelphia, the album cover suggests their main hobby is smoking cigs and drinking from a brown paper bag on the doorstep. Presumably they play some gigs too (and they have two tracks on the forthcoming live festival set, “Alive At The Deep Blues Fest”).

This disc mixes up straight electric blues, funkier bits and a taste of soul to make a decent debut. The main selling point is the back to basics aspect of guitar, bass, voice and drums – it’s simple but means the band have to have the chops and the style. Pierre Moore, singer and guitarist, also wrote and produced all the songs with an ear for the straight forward down and dirty street blues sound. Rhythms shift from the chugging to the swinging to the driving and the funky. There’s plenty of blues-scale solos and head-nodding groove here to show potential for this young band.

Ross McGibbon