An hour of dance electronica from Dutch DJ Conrad Hoyer, also known as Ophidian. Apart from making music for video games and engineering tracks, Conrad has Meander as a project, for pushing things a bit further out – which mostly means lots of break-beats and messing about with oscillators. It makes for an entertaining listen. Sometimes it floats along nicely as soundtrack to whatever you’re up to. Other times it grabs you and shoves your face in it’s cleverness.

You could trace a line straight back to the “Intelligent” drum and bass of Goldie et al. This makes full use of more recent sounds and gadgets but comes from the same place – where playing with the beat is more fun than playing with the tune. Where the Metalheadz had some longeurs of drifting sound, interspersed with manic beat making, this stays on the front foot pretty much all the time; even where a more languid deep beat is carrying the track, there will be in-your-face beat-scratching and tearing going on. The end result is definitely not a chill out album, nor is it something you could reasonably dance to. It sits firmly in the dance music camp though, as the modern home for this branch of electronica and makes for a busy and slightly tiring listen.

Pop some headphones in and take this one for a walk up some town streets you don’t know.

Ross McGibbon