iTunes categorise ‘Sons Of Malice’ as dance and house, but from the opening riff this is clearly not the case as the opening track, ‘The Rage Within’ rattles the speakers with a classic rock sound that prove these survivors have lost none of their intensity.

Forget the references to being the inspiration to certain metal behemoths, listen to this album based purely on its merits. The bluesy, early Whitesnake sounding ‘Black And Blue’ has some fantastic guitar noise matched with earthy vocals that oozes confidence born of experience as well as ability.

There plenty to offer with 13 tracks off the CD that has a fresh feel to it which is surprising when you consider the band that was at the heart of the NWOBHM in the late seventies/early eighties.

A good example of what is on offer is ‘The Hanging Tree’ starts with a distinctly Western opening and builds slowly into another song heavy on gritty realism backed up with riffs sharp enough to cut before swiftly returning to the famous gunfight soundtrack.

There is no filler on any of the tracks here and its credit to the band that they still have the desire to write and perform and the periods of recording, performing and then hiatus doesn’t seem to have done the band any harm at all with a sound can still turn heads and deliver in today’s rock arena.

There seems to be an explosion of revivals from bands rediscovering their prowess and Savage will be at the top of this aging pile if ‘Sons Of Malice’ is anything to go by.

Simon Mulholland