Sunday Recovery

Sunday Recovery are proof that first impressions aren’t necessarily correct. Looking at the very professional CD casing with its arty imagery I was under the illusion that the Editor was again attempting to expand my musical tastes into areas it’s successfully avoided for the last 30 years. A box set of Europop favourites on its way right now, young man… Ed.

But instead of some pretentious bleepy pop pap, the opening track ‘Private Joke’ hits you with a meaty, bass heavy sound with some of the best vocals out there. This Italian bands press blurb states they pay close attention to song craft and for once the marketing people are right on the money. Their strength lies in the lyrics and vocal talents of Mirko Petrini matched with some deeply dark bass lines and guitar riffs to produce a sound that really hits home.

As the album rolls through track after track, you get a cacophony of reality driven songs that cover everyday issues and delivered with emotion and determination that puts them firmly into the intellectual end of the rock spectrum along with the likes of Muse and Porcupine Tree, whose bass player contributed on the tracks ‘In front of you’ and ‘Side C’.

The album sound descends into more melodic sounds at time on ‘Press Play On Tape’ but the true strength of the album comes with the more hard hitting tracks including the opener ‘Private Joke’ or the Muse sound infused sounds of ‘Another Place’ but for me ‘In Front Of You’ is the stand out track off the album with its more melodic opening that builds into a seriously crunchy guitar rift.

It reminds me of a darker version of Ed Kowalczyk recent solo album which I also thoroughly enjoyed. Over the years, my weakness for European rock music has lead me to some seriously dodgy listening (most of which I’ve enjoyed) but Sunday recovery deliver so much more with Coma and it’s a definite recommendation for all those people who expect a little more intelligence mixed into their music.

Simon Mulholland