Steve Senes
DR2 RECORDS 8.11.10

Ok, let’s get one thing straight, I’m lousy at Guitar Hero to the point that my missus kicks my ass. All those years with the tennis racket haven’t had any effect on my ability to play like Eddie Van Halen. So when Steve Senes latest release came my way, I must admit that my repressed guitar failings clouded my judgement. My jealousy wasn’t abated by the fact he was Guitar Player Magazine Superstar 2009 on!

I’ve always felt that a guitar should complement a band sound, laying down the riffs over a heady baseline with some seriously crunchy vocals but ‘De-evolution of Theory’ was a shock, from the outset of the opening track, it was evident that this was something different with its heavy opening and mesmerising lead playing.

I hate to make references but there is appears to be a heavy Joe Satriani / Steve Vai presence on this recording but as they are the only solo guitar virtuosos I know I don’t have much to go on, but he’s good, real good. Every style of playing is present, acoustic ambiance of ‘Ruth’, upbeat impatience of ‘Highball’, funk infused ‘Cop show’ and the fabulously trashy metal infused of the opener ‘The Swami’ and ‘Colossus’.

At the end of the day, an album like ‘De-evolution of theory’ is a showcase for a guitarists talents and this it achieves tenfold, proving Steve Senes deserves the title of superstar. His guitar playing has a unique quality that can keep a complete Luddite like me intrigued to listen for longer than I expected and in addition to the playing, is something amazing.

Simon Mulholland