It’s the end of a long hot, not so grim weekend in Yorkshire and I’m finishing off the last of the Budweiser accompanied by some classic American rock sound from Bullfrog, only to find that they hail from the East not West, Italy in fact.

Beggars and Losers has a very distinct psychedelic look about its artwork but the sound is classic rock all the way. The sound is a crisp and clear as the dodgy larger I’m quaffing but immensely more satisfying with it’s hi tempo guitar sound and no nonsense approach to rocking out with a hint of funky stuff thrown in for good measure.

There’s not much I can tell you about the band due to my lack of Italian but their website gives you a few pointers, referencing bands like Free, Cream and Whitesnake. It looks like they participated in a Bon Scott tribute night; now that would have been interesting.

The stand out track on the album is ‘On Through The Night;’ an upbeat little number with some slap bass and fine guitar hooks which sits alongside ‘One For Zero’, a real gritty blues number and the Eaglesesque ‘Keep Me Smile’.

Beggars And Losers is a fine album, with some surprises for the listener such as the gruff acoustic ‘Every Sunny Day’ that is straight out of the Bad Company song book. This album shows that the Italians can turn their style to rock music.

Right, I off to play Red Dead Redemption on the Xbox, a western style game but I’ll keep Bullfrog on the stereo, that way these Italian rockers will make it a Spaghetti western......

Ok, I’ll get my coat.

Simon Mulholland