Dog Almighty

Receiving a handmade CD cover from a band is extremely different. Dog Almighty have made 1000 copies of this specially made cover, which have their ‘fingerprints’ all over it. So if you want to get your hands on it you’ll have to be quick when the album is released in the UK in March. So, nice gimmick with the CD sleeve, but is the album actually any good?

The album has plenty of energy; they play their guitars with vigour and produce a powerful sound. At times they seem to sound like a cross between Incubus and Muse. One of the stand out tracks from the album is second track ‘Sinner.’ With its deep bass rhythm and strong vocals the track could easily be single material. Another strong track from the album is ‘Drunk With Fear.’ With its clever lyrics it has more depth to it. But that doesn’t mean it is without the roaring guitars. The album is rounded off with a track called ‘Bitter to The Teeth.’ This showcases everything the band has to offer and leaves a lasting impression in your mind.

This album is defiantly worth a listen; it is obvious that the band’s blood, sweat and tears went into it and it would be a shame to pass it by.

Laura Anderson